Save Mirror Lake
April 27, 2018


To the editor:

Congratulations, Editor Andy Flynn and other Lake Placid News staff writers for your LPN journalism awards. Also thanks for the excellent workshop and handout on writing a press release, offered last Tuesday.

I am writing, however, to applaud you for last week's banner headline, "Protecting the lake" on page 1, and for placing below Justine Levine's story, "Report shows salt levels in Mirror Lake still a concern."

May I suggest we project into the future and imagine our village without a lake!? I think of our lake as a breath of fresh air, relieving us of buildings, the frequent congestion of our roads and the density of lakeshore homes. It provides space to set off fine views of the mountains and enhances our beauty.

If you're like me, you didn't realize lakes could actually die! What happens in simple terms is a lake can become unhealthy in a variety of ways: It can become overproductive (great for humans but bad for lakes) by growing weeds and surface plants, eventually developing a thick green, mucky surface throughout; it can be ruined by feces from waterfowl (ducks), which ups the E. coli bacteria count to render it unfit for swimming; or a lake can be interrupted from its seasonal turnover by too much salt runoff in the bottom, as explained in the above-referenced article.

As Mr. Levine's headline suggests, a professional report indicates we are increasing chloride levels of the lake, which is a "concern." Concerns, if action is not taken soon enough, develop into crises, which then impact on our quality of life and economy.

Doing something about it does not mean having more meetings on the subject and hearing ourselves give our thoughts/opinions on remediation. No, we need immediate action to preserve our valuable resource. How have other frigid lakeside communities (Lake Tahoe, Alaskan villages) solved the problem?

Being one who is easily bored with long letters to the editor and realizing your attention span my have faded at my second paragraph, I will quit now but remain,

Perhaps a lone and little voice who cares,

Linda Friedlander

Lake Placid


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