Better days ahead with two projects
June 29, 2018


Lake Placid's big dig on Main Street is just about done. The buildup for years in advance made it sound like replacing the sewer main beneath the street would be a lot more painful for the general public than it seems to have been in the end.

Granted, some businesses felt the impact of lost foot traffic and parking, but it could have been a heck of a lot worse, and now it's wrapping up before the heart of the summer season. Getting the project done on time is huge.

To recap: The sewer main has been replaced between Saranac Avenue and Mid's Park, and from the park to the other end of downtown it has been slip-lined, which essentially means the inside of the pipe is new without having to dig it up.

This means that the sewer main should no longer leak into Mirror Lake, which is great news for the health of this village's central body of water.

Speaking of projects getting done on schedule, we are glad to see that Adirondack Health's new Lake Placid Health and Medical Fitness Center is well underway and expected to be done this fall. Costs have risen, as they do, but overall, the news is exciting.

This new facility on Old Military Road will replace the old Placid Memorial Hospital building on Church Street. It's expected to have many of the same departments plus a large fitness center, available to both patients and the public through a membership program. The old hospital property will revert to the town of North Elba for some public-benefit use.


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