Summer reading at Lake Placid Elementary School
June 29, 2018


To the editor:

I am writing today to thank the Lake Placid Rotary Club and people who supported my Adirondack Gives campaign for the funding of summer reading at Lake Placid Elementary School. I would also like to thank Marc and Sarah Galvin at the Bookstore Plus for getting all of the books to the gym before our third annual Book Shopping Day.

Book Shopping Day has become a day cherished by students because they get to choose several new and used books to take home, read and add to their own personal libraries. For many students in our school, this is the only chance they get to pick out their own new books. For the third year in a row, books were purchased and set up in the gym like a bookstore. The students arrived with bags they had decorated in art class and picked out seven to 14 new and used books to take home and add to their personal book collections. Parents and guardians were also provided with information on how they can help their child with reading over the summer and a list of sight words we use for our youngest students to practice over the summer.

Since the start of Book Shopping Day in 2016, Lake Placid Elementary's summer slide percentage has dropped from 36 percent to 32 percent. Summer slide is when a student returns to school in the fall at a lower reading level than when they left the previous spring. Based on data collected by teachers in the fall and spring, the percentage of students who lost skills over the summer dropped to 32 percent. We are hoping to see this trend continue this summer.

In addition to students getting to choose their own books, a fourth Little Free Library has been added at the entrance of Lake Placid Elementary School. The Little Free Library is a little brown house that holds books for anyone in the community to borrow and was made by our own Dave Mayberry. Last year, Little Free Libraries were placed at Cascade Acres and Copper Way in Lake Placid, and the Little Supermarket in Wilmington. The libraries have been very successful, and students report that they stopped by to drop off a few books or take a book or two to read. They were very excited to hear that one would be at school, and as they left school later in the week, a few students stopped by and grabbed a book or two.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. I hope to continue to purchase books for students and help them not only beat the summer slide, but also develop a lifelong love of reading. If you would like to help with this project in the future, please contact me at school If you have books you think others would enjoy, feel free to drop them off at any of the Little Free Library locations in Lake Placid and Wilmington. Thank you again.


Laura G. Coffin

Reading specialist

Lake Placid Elementary School

Lake Placid


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