Wilmington/Jay Food Shelf thanks
June 29, 2018


To the editor:

The past month has given us so much to be thankful for at the Jay/Wilmington Food Shelf. We are a small food shelf covering a large area and we have been so blessed with a lot of donations and good will.

First, the U.S. Postal Service gave us a huge amount of food from its last food drive from Jay, Upper Jay and Wilmington. It took an entire day to shelve all of the boxes from these Post Offices.

Secondly, we owe a large "Thank You" to the Eat ADK program during the restaurant week. Again, the amount of food was wonderful both for us and the school's backpack program.

Finally we owe a great deal of thanks to Greg Borzilleri and the Lake Placid Marathon for the money they raised for us recently. The Marathon raised over a $1,000 for us and a check was presented to us at the ceremony on Saturday, June 10. We are so very thankful they chose us as the recipient of the money.

Thank you all for your generosity and kindness to the Food Shelf.


Don Morrison


Jay/Wilmington Food Shelf


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