WE ARE LAKE PLACID podcast: Lake Placid High School open mic night
April 22, 2019


LAKE PLACID - Sophomore Anders Stanton plucked his Carlo Robelli guitar to the tune of Aerosmith's "Dream On" in front of John Feinstein and F. Scott Fitzgerald novels at the Lake Placid Middle-High School library during open-mic night Monday, Jan. 14.

Stanton has a deep and low-singing voice, but as he reached the climax of the 1973 classic rock hit, he turned up the falsetto, trying to match Steven Tyler.

The event was full of music, poetry and drag commentary. It was orchestrated by art teacher Alan Robinson and school librarian Kaitlin Patenaude, and both performed as well.

Lake Placid News Staff Writer Griffin Kelly visited the open mic and interviewed Robinson, Stanton and fellow sophomore John Brownell.

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